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Justine Boesen (b. 1995) from Denmark is a singer, accordion player, composer and songwriter. Justine Boesen takes the stage with a narrative presence, where her original poems and lyrics take center stage. She envelops them in her symbiotic sound of accordion and vocal, creating a unique and sensitive universe.

In 2024, Justine Boesen received the award for "Årets Katapult" ("The Year's Catapult"), and in 2023, she was nominated for a Danish Music Award as "Årets Nye Danske Rootsnavn" ("The Year's New Danish Roots Name"). Justine Boesen was also the headline act at the renowned Danish-German festival Folkbaltica Festival in 2023.

Furthermore Justine, along with her folk orchestra Mynsterland, previously won a Danish Music Award Folk for "Årets Talent" ("Talent of the Year"), and the band was also nominated in the category of "Året Global Roots Udgivelse" ("Global Roots Release of the Year").

Additionally, Justine plays on Juncker's track "Wallenberg" from "Kurs Mod Nord," broadcasted on Danish national Tv, TV2.

Justine is educated from the Danish National Academy Of Music with a Bachelor´s Degree on Accordion, a Master´s Degree in Vocals and are currently studying a Solist´s Degree as a Creative Contemporary Artist, also from the Danish National Academy Of Music. 

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